Friday, 29 March 2013

Very Complex COMPLEX NETWORKS & Ultimate Complex Network

A Complex Network is a Graph (network) with non-trivial topological features.
Often these features are Not regular and Not random.
So whats difference between a common Graph and Complex Network ?
Only that Complex Network involves Real graphs.

So,I can say

Entire UNIVERSE is a Complex Network containing ~100 Billion Galaxies each containing ~ 100 Billion Stars each containing many planets, meteors, satellites etc around it.
All these are connected to each other by some of the Fundamental Forces discovered and proposed until today. These Individual forces can be Attractive and Repulsive as well depending upon distance between objects.

I Think whether it will be possible that we ll come to know later that there are ~100 Billion Universes like the one we know today, After light travels far beyond and we ll see its actually another BIG BIG BANG going to happen ( as we see all galaxies moving away)?

Also, Human Body is a Complex Network contains BRAIN which is itself a Complex Network.

BRAIN Also Contains ~ 100 Billion Neurons like each Galaxy contain ~100 Billion stars and Universe contains ~100 Billion Galaxies.
There are many type of neurons. They vary in size from 4 microns to 100 microns in diameter and each Neuron communicates with 1,000-10,000 other neurons.
Obviously All Neurons are Connected by some type of edges but, How ?

An ATOM can also be supposed to be a Complex Network too.

There are 36 confirmed fundamental particles, including anti-particles.Twelve of these are the force carrying particles- the photon, the weak force carriers W-, W+, Z0, and the eight gluons. The other 24 are called matter particles and only interact with each other indirectly via the force carriers.These include three types of neutrino, three types of electron-like particles, six types of quark and the 12 associated anti-particles.
So, are some of the subatomic particles themselves Supposed to be Edges Here ?

All Toughest things can be assumed to Belong under Complex Networks.
As they are not  made up of  single basic object. So, its a network involving more than one objects,
and obviously its going to be Complex.

Can we answer 3 questions that I raised in this Blog post ?

With a Large Perspective we see that Almost Everything can be put into the Category you want.

I just imagine a time when we ll be having Projects to Study Entire Universe, Human Body, Human Brain and an Atom under Complex Networks.


There will be types of Nodes. Where one Node can transform to other Node or Group of Nodes   itself(like stars destroy, earth is supposed to be a part of Sun, interactions in an atom).

There will be types of edges like type of forces (where each force can be attractive, repulsive depending upon distances between nodes).

A network where insertion and Deletion of Nodes and Edges takes place itself,even transformation.  We will just need to study and find a useful relation.
But, it really needs lot more advancement in the field of Science and Research.
I just see everything connecting to form an ULTIMATE COMPLEX NETWORK.

1.Wikipedia for Definitions.
2.Google Search for Images.
3.Info you can find anywhere.

SORRY for any Mistake or Contradiction(Its just my View and Imagination),
AND, I am not very good at exploiting Blog writing features.
I started thinking the moment i woke up at 5:15 pm and finished writing at 8:25 pm. 

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